Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Supermax HD 2550 CA Mini

Supermax HD 2550 CA Mini

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Specification HD2550 CA Mini Digital Satellite Receiver General Digital HD satellite receiver for the reception of all freely receivable digital TV and Radio, programs, automatic satellite recognition, videotext, EGP, installation assistant, comfortable On-Screen-Display (OSD), Multilingual, remote control display, clock Connection LNB input and output, USB RS232/AV (Option) HDMI output Functions/ Equipment 5000 program memory places, Multifunctional timer, EGP-electronic program guide, more then 800pages videotext, timer programmable via EPG, format change 4:3/16:9 ,latter box, automatic station search, 4 favorite lists, radio reception with background display, last station memory. More Functions One card (1CA) Wi-Fi Support, YouTube, Google Map, Weather One USB -PVR Recording two channels in one TP MPEG-4 Full HD

Master code 3327 / 3328 / 3329

Software And Procedure
Supermax  HD 2550 CA Mini


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