Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SONY YAY Tamil PowerVu And frequency in Satellite

SONY YAY Tamil MPEG-4/HD Channels Apstar 7 (76.5E)

Frequency  3920 H 28340

PowerVu OO:A44C 5DBD CE3B 87
PowerVu 01:BDB4 CA48 81E9 E8

Sony YAY added Dishtv channel number 989 today
Sony YAY added by Dishtv today on channel number 989, sony yay
is  now free to air on dishtv and dd freedish users can also
enjoy if they have MPEG4 box
Sony YAY is available only in MPG4 boxes

SONY YAY Tamil And frequency in Satellite

DD Freedish update 8 May 2017, Enjoy Sony YAY free to air from
Dishtv frequency
DD Free Dish / DD Directplus users enjoy Sony Yay channel on their
FTA STB by adding frequency 11130 V 30000, Sony Yay is avaiable in MPEG4
and is free to air on freqeuncy 11130 v 30000 from GSAT15 satellite at 93.5 East

DD Freedish users just input the above freqeuncy and enjoy sony yay
fta if they have mpeg4/ hd box

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