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Monday, July 31, 2017

Cartoon Network Australia PowerVu Transponder 2017 Fequency

Cartoon Network Australia and New Zealand is an Australian cable and satellite television channel created by Turner Broadcasting, a unit of Time Warner which primarily shows animated programming, It was launched on 3 October 1995.

The Australian version is available on Pay TV networks Foxtel and Optus on 3 October 1995. It is also on 3 as a part of its new mobile TV service for $4 a month although this feed is merely a heavily repeated media stream of Cartoon Network's best shows  Telstra also broadcasts Cartoon Network on mobile service, though this is the same feed as seen on Foxtel. Neighbourhood Cable broadcasts the network in yet another feed in regional Victoria. SKY Network Television has broadcast the network in New Zealand, on 1 January 1997 originally during the day on SKY UHF preset channel 7 with Orange (later SKY 1, and now The Box) broadcasting during the evenings. The Cartoon Network became a separate 24-hour channel in New Zealand in 1998 when the SKY Digital service was launched. Cartoon Network Australia and Asia adopted the 24/7 broadcasting hours earlier on 1 July 1997

Cartoon Network Australia PowerVu Transponder 2017 Fequency
Channel Name : Cartoon Network Australia
Satellite : Asiasat 7 105.5E
Transponder : 3960 H 27500
Fequency : 3960
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 27500
PowerVU Key :
PowerVu ECM 00 : DC 5C 97 F4 9B 7D E1 00
PowerVu ECM 01 : C6 D7 A4 D5 5C 79 44 00

Disney Network New PowerVu Fequency Transponder 2017

Disney Network New PowerVu Fequency Transponder  2017

Disney–ABC Television Group[3] (simply Disney–ABC formerly known as Capital Cities/ABC Inc., is a subsidiary holdings company that manages all of The Walt Disney Company's Disney and ABC-branded television properties. The group includes the ABC Television Network (including ABC Daytime, ABC Entertainment, and ABC News divisions), as well as Disney's A&E Television Networks and its 80% controlling stake in ESPN, Inc.[5] While holding the controlling stake in ESPN, Disney–ABC and ESPN operate as separate units of Disney Media Networks. 

Channel Name : DISNEY Network
Satellite : APSTAR7@76.5East
Transponder : 3880 H 30000
Fequency : 3880
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :30000
PowerVU Key :

ECM 00*CF8F8EBA3286A400

espn australia New Transponder PowerVu Key On Intelsat.19 169.0E 2017

espn australia New Transponder  PowerVu Key On Intelsat.19 169.0E 2017
 ESPN Australia is a 24-hour sports channel offered in Australia and New Zealand.

Initially, ESPN was known as Sports ESPN on the Optus Vision cable television system, and focused on sports aired by its home network in the United States, including American football, baseball, and basketball. In order to expand its local reach, it has shown an increasing amount of football games including FA Cup, World Cup qualifying games and Major League Soccer. Also on the network schedule are rugby matches, among other sports.

ESPN Australia has also commenced showing locally produced content including Australian versions of PTI and SportsCenter. They also air a soccer discussion show Monday to Friday called ESPNsoccernet PressPass which is hosted by Andrew Orsatti.

It became available on Austar in April 1999,  and Foxtel in September 2002.

The broadcast of Jarryd Hayne's debut for the San Francisco 49 ers in the National Football League on 15 September 2015 drew the network's highest ever audience with 116,000 viewers watching the game live, beating the previous audience record of 107,100 viewers for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014

ESPN (AUS) Intelsat.19(169.0E) New PowerVu Key

Channel Name : ESPN (AUS
Satellite : Intelsat.19 169.0E
Transponder : 3940 H 27670
Fequency : 3940
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 27670
Mode : Mpeg-4
PowerVU Key :
Ecm :00=16DE199DA44BD4

TLC HD New PowerVu Key Intelsat 17 66.0°E Fequency

 TLC India is an Indian television channel, previously known as Discovery Travel & Living. It focuses on lifestyle programmes, with topics such health, cooking and travel.

The channel launched in October 2004 and was the first international channel launched under the "Discovery Travel & Living" name.[1]

The channel features both original productions and imported programmes. The first local original production for the channel was The Great Indian Wedding.[2] The series was produced by Blue Mango Films, a leading non-fiction film company in India. Following its success, the channel has started offering more Indian programming.

On 1 September 2010 Discovery Travel & Living India became TLC.[3] TLC HD feed was launched on 2 June 2014.[4]

Programmes shown in the channel include

Ultimate Cake Off
Man v. Food
Ravinder's Kitchen
Fun Taiwan All-Stars
Gordon's Great Escape
Food Fighters (TV series)
Fast Food Mania
Hell's Kitchen (U.S. TV series)
Planet Food
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Jamie at Home
Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day
World Cafe: Asia
Luke Nguyen's Vietnam
Off Road with Gul Panag
Chuck's Week Off
Bridget's Sexiest Beaches
Outrageeous Kid Parties
90 Day Fiance
Extreme Couponing
Amazing Eats
The Taste (UK TV series)
Kylie Kwong: My China
Get Out!
Wild Weddings
Jamie's 30 minute meals
Queens of Comedy (upcoming)

TLC HD New PowerVu Key Intelsat 17 66.0°E Fequency

TLC HD New PowerVu Key Intelsat 17 66.0°E 2017

Channel Name : TLC HD
Satellite : Intelsat 17 (66.0°E)
Transponder : 3985 H 14400
Fequency : 3985
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 14400
PowerVU Key :
00. 116F 238D F24B 55
01. 6546 B4E6 C9E9 A2

Animal Planet IS 20 @68.5 East New PowerVu Transponder 2017

Animal Planet IS 20 @68.5 East New Fequency  PowerVu Transponder 2017

Animal Planet IS 20 @68.5 East New PowerVu Key 2017

Channel Name : Animal Planet
Satellite : IS 20 @68.5 East
Transponder : 3740 H 30000
Fequency : 3740
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 30000
PowerVU Key :
ECMKEY: 00 1B6D 8544 649F 0B00
ECMKEY: 01 9710 BD1B BDD4 0800

Animal Planet India is an Indian television channel.

The channel launched on 29 March 1999 The launch was delayed by a few months  A Hindi language feed was introduced on 1 April 2008. The channel adopted its current logo on 1 October 2008 The channel is available in two languages (English and Hindi). The High Definition version was launched on 23 July 2014 along with TLC HD first on Dish TV, followed by other DTH and cable operators.

NHK World Premium Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E New PowerVu Key Fequency

NHK World Premium Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E  New PowerVu Key Fequency 
  On Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E 2017

Channel Name : NHK World Premium
Satellite : Intelsat20 68.E
Transponder : 3740 H 26600
Fequency : 3740
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :  26600
PowerVU Key :
00: 47 74 D1 CF C9 6E 71
01: C9 B0 49 00 05 66 20

NHK World is the international broadcasting service of NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai - Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan's public broadcaster. The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to Arirang, BBC World News, DW, France 24 and RT, and broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the world as well as online and through its mobile apps. The channel is based in Tokyo, Japan.

NHK World provides three services: NHK World Radio Japan, NHK World TV, and NHK World Premium. NHK World also makes most of its programming available through an online version of the television channel

HBO INDIA New PowerVu ecm Fequency Intelsat20 68.5'E

HBO INDIA New PowerVu ecm Intelsat20 68.5'E Fequency

HBO (india) INTELSAT20 68.5'E $ New PowerVu Key 2017

Channel Name : HBO (india)
Satellite : Intelsat20 68.5'E $
Transponder : 3974 H 19500
Fequency : 3974
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 19500
PowerVU Key :

ECM= 00: 1D6B 1349B5 52FB
ECM= 01: B2C5 A27C8F 26DA

HBO Asia (formerly known as MovieVision, officially launched on 1 May 1992 and officially dissolved on 31 May 1995) is owned by HBO (a Time Warner company). The Singapore-based broadcast network offers a bouquet of channels and services including 24-hour commercial-free subscription movie channels in standard-definition and high-definition – HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Hits, Cinemax and Red – as well as HBO Go and HBO on Demand. HBO Asia is also the exclusive distributor of BabyFirst in Asia.


1 May 1992
HBO Asia was originally known as MovieVision all national movie bioscope commonly fully blockbuster movie premiere was national major film studio production department by Warner Bros Pictures a member of Warner Bros Entertainment and Paramount Pictures a member of Paramount Motion Pictures Group and owner by Viacom is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) it was officially launched as an 18-hour-a-day by 30-home movie cable channel in Southeast Asia securing carriage on Singapore Cable Vision in Singapore.
The Singapore English-language service is distributed via Palapa B2P.
On 1 June, MovieVision successfully completes its first movie transmission from Singapore with Heaven Help Us.
On 21 September, MovieVision successfully completes its first movie transmission from its regional headquarters at New Tech Park, Singapore with Cross Currents.
HBO's regional headquarters is officially opened at New Tech Park by Singapore's Minister for Information and the Arts, Brigadier-General George Yeo. HBO, TVB, ESPN, Turner Broadcasting System, and American Broadcasting Company announce a broadcasters' alliance.
HBO becomes available in The Philippines and Thailand.
MovieVision launches in Republic of China.
20 months after its launch, MovieVision eventually shifts to a full 24-hour service.
In a landmark deal, MovieVision concludes exclusive licensing deals with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Studios, who also become equity partners. The 4-MovieVision Asia partner studios jointly claim 19 of the top 25 films released in the United States during 1993 and 1994.
MovieVision becomes available in Indonesia.
On 1 June, MovieVision is renamed as HBO Asia.
HBO adds Indonesian language subtitles to its full broadcast schedules in addition to closed-captioned subtitles for Thailand and Republic of China that were made available in 1994.
HBO becomes available in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and launches in 3-star and above standard hotels and foreign housing compounds in People's Republic of China.
The Walt Disney Company subsidiaries Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone Pictures become exclusive HBO Asia suppliers.
With its lead movie channel in a strong position, HBO Asia launches Cinemax, a channel for a wide range of entertaining movies. Agreements are soon signed with operators in Singapore, Republic of China, Thailand and the Philippines.
HBO launches on Astro in Malaysia.
Dan Murrell becomes HBO Asia's Managing Director, replacing CEO and President Bill Hooks, who returns to HBO in New York City after five years at the helm.
HBO Asia celebrates its 5th anniversary.
HBO expands to 18 Asian territories.
HBO Asia is granted Ministry of Radio, Film and Television approval to distribute its Cinemax channel in People's Republic of China to three-star and above standard hotels and foreign housing compounds.
In January, HBO Asia commences distribution of HBO and Cinemax to hotels in Vietnam.
Cinemax Asia launches on Astro in Malaysia it was transformations form Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
HBO Asia signs an exclusive deal with DreamWorks.
HBO Asia and Cinemax Asia launch in Sri Lanka.
HBO Asia opens a representative office in Republic of China.
Dan Murrell is appointed CEO and President of HBO Asia.
Cinemax Asia launches in Hong Kong as a premium service, alongside HBO.
HBO South Asia service is launched in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Maldives. The HBO channel in India and the Maldives is ad-supported.
James Marturano is appointed Executive Vice President of HBO Asia and HBO South Asia’s Managing Director.
HBO premieres the most expensive HBO original production ever, Band Of Brothers, across Asia. It is based on the best-selling novel by the late historian Stephen Ambrose. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were executive producers for this ten-part World War II miniseries.
For the second year in a row, HBO sweeps top honours in a trade survey, reinforcing HBO as cable operators’ top choice for programming, sales and marketing, on-air look, viewer feedback, value for money and most popular channel.
HBO Asia celebrates its 10th anniversary.
HBO Asia launches Asia's first fully 'tapeless' system, one that fully digitalizes and archives its extensive library of movies and promotional on-air materials.
In March, Cinemax Asia relaunches to be Asia's most exciting movie channel for hits, action and suspense movies, complete with a new tagline of 'Get Into The Movies' and a brand-new on-air identity.
HBO channel receives the prestigious Superbrands® Award in Singapore.
HBO is voted as Asia's best cable and movie channel by cable operators across the region.
Jonathan Spink becomes HBO Asia's Chief Executive Officer, replacing CEO and President Dan Murrell after six years at the helm.
PCCW, the largest communications provider in Hong Kong, announces the launch of HBO Asia and Cinemax Asia on Now TV.
HBO Asia adds Cambodia to its territories.
In January, HBO Asia is the first programmer to have a five-hour block programming in People's Republic of China on China Central Television.
As part of its multi-channel strategy, HBO Asia launches its first additional HBO channel - HBO Signature, in April 2005. This is the first additional HBO channel that will be offered to subscribers in premium markets as a cluster of multi-channel services.
In August, HBO Asia signs an exclusive deal with PCCW's Now TV in Hong Kong.
In September, HBO launches into residential homes in Vietnam through distributor, which distributes to local operators, including Ho Chi Minh City Television, VTC, VCTV, SCTV and K+.
HBO premieres the second most expensive series in television history, the HBO Original Series Rome, produced at a cost of US$100 million.
HBO Asia increases the number of channels under its multi-channel bouquet with the launch of HBO Family and HBO Hits, which are distributed first through nowTV in Hong Kong.
HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO Hits are launched in the Philippines as part of The HBO/MAX Pak through SkyCable.
In May, HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO Hits launch for the first time in Republic of China.
In July, HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO Hits are launched in Singapore as part of THE HBO PAK through StarHub Cable Vision.
In February, HBO Asia launches HBO On Demand, the company’s first Hollywood subscription movie on demand service in Asia and the company’s first Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) service, to THE HBO MAX PAK PREMIUM subscribers on nowTV in Hong Kong.
In July, HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO Hits launch for the first time in Thailand as part of the HBO package through TrueVisions, and also in Sri Lanka on Dialog TV and Lanka Broadband Networks.
HBO Asia celebrates its 15th anniversary.
HBO takes majority stake in HBO Asia. Previously jointly held by HBO, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO Asia under the new equity structure is owned by HBO and Paramount Pictures.
HBO continues to lead in Asia as the top-ranked channel with the best programming quality, on-air promotions, as well as sales and marketing support, as voted by pay television operators across the region according to the 2008 Asia Pacific Pay TV survey by Fusion Consulting.
HBO On Demand is made available to subscribers of THE HBO PAK in Singapore through StarHub TV.
Cinemax refreshes as Max, a channel dedicated to action, suspense and science-fiction programs targeted at men.
Mandarin subtitling is offered in addition to Malaysian for HBO subscribers in Malaysia. HBO is the first movie channel to offer dual subtitling in Malaysia.
HBO is offered on the newly launched direct-to-home pay television operator in the Philippines, Cignal Digital TV
Papua New Guinea’s HiTron Pty Ltd and Cambodia's Royal Group add three of HBO Asia’s multiplex channels, HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO HiTS, to their existing HBO channel offerings.
All 5-HBO Asia multiplex channels launch on Mongolia's Dish TV while in Indonesia, Indovision adds HBO Family and HBO Hits to their existing three HBO Asia channel offerings
All 3-HBO Asia's multiplex channels, HBO Signature, HBO Family and HBO Hits are added to Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC)’s channel offerings, HBO and MAX in Palau.
HBO retains its overall lead for the third year running in the 2009 Pay TV Operators Survey conducted by Fusion Consulting and ContentAsia. HBO tops the movies genre, overall marketing and sales support, positive feedback from subscribers and best value for money categories.
HBO is the first regional movie channel to broadcast in high definition in Asia in October. HBO HD launches on nowTV in Hong Kong, StarHub TV in Singapore, Cignal Digital TV in the Philippines, and on kbro in Republic of China.
The television premiere of Kung Fu Panda is available for the first time in dual audio languages in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
HBO Asia becomes the exclusive distributing agent for Warner Channel and BabyFirst in the Asia-Pacific region.
HBO HD launches on Astro in Malaysia in December.
In April, The Pacific, the highly anticipated companion piece produced by the award-winning team behind the Emmy-winning HBO original mini-series Band of Brothers, premieres on HBO less than three weeks after the US premiere.
All movies on HBO during the Chinese New Year weekend are available in dual sound in selected territories. From the weekend starting February 20, all 9:00 pm (SIN) movies on HBO are available in dual sound in selected territories.
HBO HD launches in Thailand on TrueVisions in May and in Indonesia on First Media in August. First Media adds RED to their channel offerings in August.
HBO retains overall lead for the fourth year running in the 2010 Pay TV Operators Survey conducted by Global Intelligence Alliance Group (the former Fusion Consulting) and ContentAsia. HBO tops in terms of programming quality, the movies genre and best value for money categories.
Screen Red, Warner Channel and BabyFirst launch on Telekom Malaysia in October.
Warner Channel launches in Republic of China on DishHD in September.
Screen Red is distributed across various parts of The Philippines with Cable Boss.
HBO Asia wins two gold (Best Logo Design for RED and Best Collateral for The Pacific) and two silver awards (Best Print for Chick Flicks campaign and Something For Nothing for Cinemax War Movies stunt) at the PromaxBDA Asia 2010 Awards.
HBO HD launches in Sri Lanka in December.
HBO HD launches in Vietnam.
HBO Asia increases its high-definition channel offering to two with HBO Hits HD which delivers Hollywood blockbuster hits 24-hours in daily, commercial-free in 100% true high-definition television. HBO Hits HD mirrors the programming on HBO Hits HD and is available in Indonesia on First Media In this same month, Screen Red is also launched on Global Destiny Cable in the Philippines. In Malaysia, prime-time programs on HBO shift by an hour to 10:00 pm.
HBO Hits HD is also available in Singapore on StarHub TV and in Republic of China on several cable and satellite operators. In Malaysia, selected Sunday prime-time movies are now available in dual language.
The prime time for HBO is shifted to 10:00 pm (9:00 pm Thai/JKT) while prime time for HBO Family shifted to 7:00 pm (6:00 pm Thai/JKT). In addition to Sunday prime-time movies, Saturday prime-time movies are also available in dual language in Malaysia. HBO On Demand launches in Vietnam.
HBO Asia celebrates its 20th anniversary.
HBO Asia strengthens content for 2012 with more than 140 hours of original programming, a 40% increase in original series compared to 2011.
The television premiere of The Bodyguard is available for the first time in dual audio languages in United States and Canada while full broadcast schedules in addition to closed-captioned subtitles in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Republic of China.
HBO Asia jointly develops Dead Mine, the first original co-production with Infinite Frameworks.
In May, HBO Asia migrates all HBO Services on satellite Apstar 2R (also known as Telstar 10) to Apstar 7.
In June, HBO Original movie Hemingway & Gellhorn premieres on HBO just days after its US premiere.
HBO expands its High Definition Channels by adding HBO Family HD and HBO Signature HD. This services is currently available through First Media subscribers in Indonesia
HBO Asia, nowTV and SkyCable officially launched HBO GO in Hong Kong and the Philippines on February 28 for HBO Super Pak subscribers.
HBO Asia and Eros International launch India's first 100% advertising free channels - HBO Hits and HBO Defined in Standard Definition and High Definition - on February 21, 2013 with two DTH operators Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV under the banner of Home Box Office India Pvt. Ltd.
In May, HBO Signature, HBO Hits and HBO Family launch in Malaysia on the Astro B.yond IPTV platform.
HBO Asia wins gold and silver awards at the 2013 PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Global Excellence Awards held in Los Angeles on 20 June.
In August, HBO Asia records and presents the movie Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, with a Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia audio option for the first time in Indonesia and Singapore, with regional celebrities lending their voices to the characters.
HBO Asia’s first prime-time drama series Serangoon Road premieres on 22 September. A co-production with Australia’s ABC TV, this ten episode hour-long fast-paced detective drama series is set against the exotic, tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore and stars Hollywood’s Joan Chen, Australia’s Don Hany, Hollywood-based Singaporean Chin Han, Indonesian Ario Bayu, Singaporeans Alaric Tay and Pamelyn Chee, and many more.
In October, HBO Asia’s distribution increases to 23 territories with HBO/HBO HD and Cinemax launching in Myanmar. Screen RED launches in Thailand and Myanmar.
In the same month, Cinemax and RED launch in high definition; all of HBO Asia’s channels are now available in high definition.
From November, new HBO Originals premiere in Asia within one week of their debut in the United States
In December, HBO Defined and HBO Hits launch on India’s leading DTH platform, TataSky, increasing the channel's distribution across 11 leading DTH and digital cable platforms in India
HBO GO launches in the Philippines in March, exclusively with SkyCable.
In July, HBO Asia premieres HBO and Cinemax Original scripted content less than a day after the United States, starting with The Knick.
HBO Asia engages in the largest audience outreach to date in August, offering a free preview of its content for the very first time via streaming on its website and YouTube channel, as well as nowTV's Video Express First platform starting with the full pilot episode of The Knick.
HBO Asia's four-part horror miniseries, Grace, premieres in October. Starring Russell Wong, Grace is the first production wholly conceived and developed in-house by HBO Asia.
In December, HBO Asia wins exclusive distribution rights as the only regional network with the rights to broadcast the Oscars® live.
HBO Asia, the new home of the Oscars® in the region, brings a complete Oscars® experience across multiple screens to complement HBO's live on-air broadcast of The 87th Annual Academy Awards®, with exclusive direct-from-Hollywood red carpet pictures and interviews, and backstage interviews on HBO Asia's website and social media platforms.
In April, HBO Asia announces the live simulcast of its Original content, starting with season five of Game of Thrones premiering in Asia same time as the United States.
July 1: DreamWorks Channel officially launches. HBO Asia is the official distributor of the DreamWorks Channel in Asia, available in Thailand via CTH (July) and Malaysia via TM's HyppTV (September).
HBO GO launches as a standalone over-the-top streaming service without a pay TV subscription in Hong Kong via nowTV (April) and in Singapore via StarHub Go (August).
On October 1, SCREEN RED is rebranded as RED BY HBO, bringing to viewers a new vibrant look and internationally acclaimed content from Southeast Asia, in addition to those from Japan, Korea and Greater China.
On January 1, HBO Asia's channels in Thailand left TrueVisions and launched on AIS Play including HBO GO in February


1992–2009: "Simply The Best"
2009–present: "It's Not TV, It's HBO."

Solar Sport, PBO, Viva Channel PowerVu Key And Frequency

Solar Sport, PBO, Viva Channel  PowerVu Key And Frequency
Solar Sports is a Filipino 24-hour cable sports channel based in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, and is owned by the Solar Entertainment Corporation. The channel was launched on January 1, 1994 and is available for Cablelink and contract for local cable operators.


The channel is known for showing sports that are familiar to the Filipinos. Its main programming are the NBA games, which are shown either a game or a doubleheader each day during the season. Other NBA programming includes shows produced by NBA TV, such as the NBA's Greatest Games and WNBA games during the league's off-season. It also shows the American Super Bowl. It is also the Filipino provider of the Olympic Games.

It also shows boxing matches such as the ones from the promotions of Bob Arum, Don King and most recently, Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. From 2002-2006, Solar Sports would cover the fights of Manny Pacquiao, until Pacquiao signed with ABS-CBN for the rights to cover his fights. However, Solar Sports regained the broadcast rights for Pacquiao's fights since 2007 when the channel signed a deal with GMA Network.

Other sports include Volleyball and Badminton, such as the JVC Badminton tournament and the first-ever Manny V. Pangilinan Badminton Tournament, pitting players from Asia and Europe, in 2005.

The network also launched Solar Sports Desk, a late-evening sports news program, similar to those US famed sports programs such ESPN SportsCenter. On October 2006, Solar Sports re-launch its channel, adding local shows.

The channel is available exclusively in Metro Manila through Global Destiny Cable as of 2008. It used to be available exclusively on Sky Cable, but the two parties ceased their partnership at end of 2007 but it will be back on July 1. All cable companies in the provinces can put the channel without having to worry about exclusive rights.

on April 10, 2017 Sky Cable & Destiny Cable was dropped Solar Sports along with Basketball TV, CT, Jack TV & NBA Premium TV allegedly due to Sky Cable's unpaid carriage fees.

Solar Sport, PBO, Viva Channel, MTV Pinoy New PowerVu Key And Frequency 2017

Channel Name : PBO
Transponder : 3717 H 7500
Fequency : 3717
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :7500

Channel Name : Viva Channel
Transponder : 3717 H 7500
Fequency : 3717
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :7500

Channel Name : MTV Pinoy
Transponder : 3717 H 7500
Fequency : 3717
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :7500

Channel Name : CNN Philippines
Transponder : 3717 H 7500
Fequency : 3717
Pol : H
Symbol Rate : 3717 H 7500

Channel Name :Solar Sports
Transponder : 3717 H 7500
Fequency : 3717
Pol : H
Symbol Rate :7500
PowerVU Key :
Ecm :00:DD17 97 42AD 59 FA
Ecm :01:2993 76 5741 4C85